Sunday, September 1, 2019


Ode I.
Irmos.  Having crossed the sea as though it were dry land and having escaped the malice of the Egyptians, the Israelite cried out:  to our savior and God let us sing.
When you were offering the Lord your unsleeping prayers, Father Planas, you were sanctified as a pure minister of the divine mysteries; but now we have acquired you as one who prays for us.
Knowing you to be our intercessor with God, we earnestly praise you with a suppliant’s hymn.  Protect us who celebrate your feast, and by your intercessions, Father, preserve us from dangers.
Win for us the favor of Christ, O saint, and deliver from chastisement, suffering and corruption those who have fallen into sins, which each of us has committed through the body.
O beauty, fame, glory, august queen of the world and most holy Mother of God:  receive the petitions of your suppliants and bring them to your Son and our God.

Ode III.
Irmos.  O Lord, roofer of the apse of Heaven and builder of the church, establish me in your love, for you are the perfection of desires, the support of the faithful and the only compassionate one.
The innocent boys saw with astonishment the feet of Nicholas above the ground, and they described the glory of uncreated heavenly light shining forth and pouring about him from above as he prayed.
You are a priest of the Most High, Father Nicholas; you received a heavenly calling and you heeded it; and as you remembered your spiritual children by name, so also now remember our supplication.
Serving as a priest from a pure heart, O saint, you did not cease praying to Christ day and night; so also now beg the compassionate God by your prayers, Father Planas, to grant to all of us those things which we need.
Wholly among those below, yet inseparable from those above, the infinite Word came to save man; shelter us, guard us and keep us safe under your protection, all-immaculate Virgin, for you are the dwelling place of the uncontainable one.

[Some prayers read between odes III & IV.]
Preserve your servants from dangers, all-merciful God, by the prayers of Nicholas Planas, our saintly father, to whom you gave great boldness of speech with you.
O all-hymned Mother of God, together with our intercessor and patron, Nicholas, look graciously upon the supplication of us who are unworthy.

Kathisma in Tone 2.  Fervent intercession.
We entreat you to make fervent intercession with Christ, O blessed one, for those who run to you.  Holy Nicholas, since you enjoy liberty of speech in Heaven, zealously intercede with the transcendently good God, that those who hymn you obtain mercy.

Ode IV.
Irmos.  I have heard, O Lord, of the mystery of your dispensation.  I have meditated on your works and glorified your divinity.
Greatly merciful Redeemer, through the prayers of the venerable Nicholas Planas accept our supplication, for we take refuge in you because of our faith in you.
Forbearing Lord, do not be mindful of the sins of your unprofitable servants, for they have dedicated themselves to you through the intercessions of Nicholas Planas.
Shining with the beauty of holiness, you stand boldly before the throne of the King of all with boldness of speech, O saint.
Most holy Bride of God, you are the queen and help of the world; be our mediatress, too, hearkening to holy Planas.

Ode V.
Irmos.  Illumine us with your commandments, O Lord, and with your upraised arm grant us peace, compassionate God. 
Inasmuch as your heart uttered a good word day and night, holy Father, make supplication for us now to God.
Do not cease to use your pious boldness with God, O saint, as you seek from the Lord God our deliverance from all kinds of distresses.
Mortify the violence of our passions and temptations, Father; may we who imitate your life in divine grace lead an upright life with you.
Venerable queen, all-blessed Mother of God, you are truly greater than the saints, for you conceived the holiest God the Word.

Ode VI.
Irmos.  I will pour out my supplication to the Lord and I will tell him my afflictions, for my soul has been filled with evils and my life has drawn near to Hades and I pray as did Jonah:  O God, bring me up from corruption.
By your prayers, O saint, enable us to walk the way of the Lord, to preserve the faith steadfastly, to fight the good fight and to receive crowns of life in the day of judgment.
Having called on your venerable name we worthily honor your virtue, Father Planas; knowing to call on you, we publicize the example of your holiness and we glorify God who is wondrous in his saints.
Bless from Heaven, O saint, those who run to your help, and freely give gifts to those who lack them, as you, Father, freely received them, and hearken to our supplications in your goodness.
You drew salvation and divine grace from the springs of salvation, thrice blessed one, and we recognize you, most holy Father, as our intercessor for our salvation, dedicating ourselves to the Lord by your God-pleasing prayers.

[Some prayers read between odes VI & VII.]
Preserve your servants from dangers, all-merciful God, by the prayers of Nicholas Planas, our saintly father, to whom you gave great liberty of speech with you.
Look graciously upon the pitiful supplication of us who are unworthy, all-praiseworthy Mother of God, together with our intercessor and patron, Nicholas.

Ode VII.
Irmos.  Having coming from Judea, the youths of old in Babylon with faith in the Trinity trampled down the flames of the oven, singing, O God of our fathers, blessed are you.
You consecrated yourself to the Savior by offering the holy things and, invested with the garment of holiness, you sang from the depths of your heart, O God of our Fathers, blessed are you.
You appeared to be an angel as you ministered to the Lord, Father Nicholas.  Illumined in the face by the rays of love and raised off the ground, you said, O God of our Fathers, blessed are you.
In your holy temple, we beg, Father Nicholas Planas, that you bless from Heaven your humble suppliants and preserve those who chant, O God of our Fathers, blessed are you.
All of us, your unworthy servants, beseech you, O Mother of God:  though we have fallen into a multitude of sins, we cry now to your Son, O God of our Fathers, blessed are you.

Irmos.  Hymn and exalt exceedingly the King of Heaven, whom the armies of angels hymn unto all ages.
Incline your ear to us, Father Nicholas, and accept the supplication of your children who exalt Christ supremely forever.
See, all around your icon, divinely wise saint, are those who have gathered to hymn you and exalt Christ forever.
Accept the supplication of those who remember your name and remember us in your prayers, for we hymn the Lord with hope.
The church and the island of Naxos, which is dear to you, fitly hymn you day and night, for you are the suppliant of the Mother of God.

Ode IX.
Irmos.  Worthily we confess you to be the Mother of God, for we were saved through you, pure Virgin, and we magnify you with the choirs of the incorporeal hosts.
Magnify, O my soul, the instructor of divine truths, Nicholas Planas, the offspring of Naxos, for he gives you timely help.
All-venerable intercessor, as our kinsman turn your kindly ears to us who celebrate you with hymns and supplications.
With faces wet from the shedding of tears, Father Nicholas, we entreat you:  help those who call on you, O noble saint.
All-blameless Virgin, Mother of God the Word, whom you conceived by the Holy Spirit, with the priest Nicholas Planas keep watch over me.

Friday, July 19, 2019


Ode 1.
Irmos.  Let us sing to the Lord.
By your intercessions quicken me, for I have slain myself by my passions, Father, and you with great boldness stand before Christ, the life of the living.
With divine love, Father, you beat off the desires of the flesh and followed with longing after him who called you, blessed Sisois.
Having received immaterial radiance, within your heart, Father, you were illumined and you utterly destroyed all the mist of the passions.
Save me, for I am buffeted by the surging fury of all pleasures, and you bore the Savior, the tranquility of the whole world, all-immaculate Virgin.

Ode 3.
Irmos.  You are the steadfastness.
You severely subjected your flesh to your mind, O saint, and your soul was not humiliated by slavery to the passions.
You wisely cultivated the ground of your soul with labors, O saint, causing it to burst into flower with the fruit of impassibility and miracles.
You put on mortification, O glorious among the followers of the life-giving Christ; wherefore he gives you the grace to raise even the dead. 
We hymn you as the hallowed place and noetic table, O pure Mother of God, for you received Christ, who is the bread and life of all.
Ode 4
Irmos.  I have heard, O Lord.
Deluged with a heavy rain of grace, Father, you poured forth rivers of miracles, cleansing from defilements those who run to you in faith, O blessed saint.
Having purified your soul by making intercessions all night and by standing in prayer all day, you became a dwelling of the Trinity.
Fleeing the world, you went deep into the desert, Father, and you awaited him who saves you from faint-heartedness and affliction.
Habakkuk of old foresaw you as the unhewn mountain, all-immaculate Virgin, from which God appeared and renewed us corrupt sinners.

Ode 5
Irmos:  Rising at dawn we cry to thee.
Having become a temple of the three-sunned Divinity, you drove out the images of the passions of your soul.
Having mortified the understanding of your flesh, inspired saint, in cooperation with grace you raised the dead.
Having borne the sun of grace, Mother of God, impassable Virgin, illumine me, for I am plunged in darkness.

Ode 6
Irmos.  Be merciful to me, Savior.
You escaped the utter destruction of the noetic sea-monster, Father, having acquired self-control, prayer, genuine love, mighty humility and steadfast affection for Christ.
Christ guided your steps to him; the powerful one made you powerful to trample safely on the heads of serpents and scorpions, inspired and all-blessed saint.
By your inclination to God, you were plainly reckoned a god; by an absolute love for the light, you became a light, an earthly angel and a heavenly man, inspired Father.  
Mary, pure treasure of virginity, cleanse my mind of the darkness of the passions and fill my heart with grace and righteousness, all-immaculate Virgin.

Ode 7.
Irmos:  The youths of the Hebrews.
You displayed all the splendor of the Spirit in your purified mind and you are a luminary of those who shout faithfully, Blessed are you, O Lord our God, unto the ages.
With the divine fire of self-control, you burned up the thorns of sin and you approached the noetic light, crying out, Blessed are you, O Lord our God, unto the ages.
Save me, Mother of the Savior, for I am oppressed by a sea of sins, and rescue me from all kinds of evils inflicted on me by the enemy, so that saved, I may magnify your protection.

Ode 8.
Irmos.  Sevenfold the furnace.
By continuous prayers and intercessions, you drove the defilement of the passions from your soul and you cleansed the sight of your mind.  Wherefore, you were deemed worthy to foresee prophetically things to come, Sisois, reverently singing, Ye people, exalt Christ above all forever.

You lived angelically in your body, O saint, and you put to flight the forces of the enemy; therefore, you took up lodgings with joy in the immaterial life, Father, where with the ranks of angels, you now cry out, Ye priests, bless, ye people exalt Christ above all forever.
Cleanse me by your holy intercessions to God, for my soul runs riot with the passions, and deliver me from the captivity which holds me fast, inspired Father, so that I may chant purely:  Ye youths bless, ye priests, hymn, ye people, exalt Christ above all forever.
Sanctified by the Spirit, you received in your womb the Creator of human nature and you bore him indescribably, pure Maiden, whom we unceasingly hymn as we shout, Ye youths bless, ye priests, hymn, ye people, exalt Christ above all forever.

Ode 9.
Irmos.  All who heard shuddered.
An awe-inspiring wonder took place at the time of your death:  your face flashed like lightning more brightly than the sun, Father, when the choirs of the saints stood by to receive your spirit and bring it to God, your Creator.
As you now delight in the divine beauties of Heaven, O blessed one, and are deified by your adoption, and have become brilliant with the radiant splendors streaming from there, by your supplications deliver from the murky filth of the passions those who celebrate your radiant memory faithfully.
Father, you were just and blameless, refraining from every evil; as an innocent saint you served God in holiness; the Trinity therefore rested on your heart, and you now more clearly delight in him with a far-seen radiance, admirable one.
There is altogether no salvation in me because of my deeds, all-immaculate Virgin; for by travelling the enemy’s path, I am filled with darkness, but as you caused the light from light to rise for us, illumine me and save me; do not disdain me, for I am perishing terribly.

Friday, July 12, 2019


I wish to hymn with my whole heart the revered Paisius the wondrous, and I beg, my all-powerful Christ, for the power to celebrate in song his life and his numerous wonders, O Lord.
Reverently you lived on Earth, famous saint, as another angel; having subdued your flesh and the stirring passions, you have become a father of graces and a receptacle of God for the Orthodox, Paisius, procuring for all what they need.
By your supplications you rendered the maker of all creation favorable on behalf of those in distress and affliction, O saint, and you were appointed to teach many men to lead a holier life, Paisius, boast of the Holy Mountain.
Awash in the ocean of our passions, I am engulfed, Mother of God, desperately poor and wretched, wherefore I also cry out to you:  By your prayers, end the commotion of my passions, guardian of the Holy Mountain.

You bravely despised the unclean one, God-bearing saint, for your mind was fortified by freedom from arrogance.  After you put on the breastplate of grace by your prayers, you put to flight the crew of the enemy, Paisius.
By your unceasing prayers to the Master of all, you offer earnest prayers, Father Paisius, that those who call on you be delivered from dangers; hear me also as I seek deliverance from oppressive misfortunes.
Having received strength from above, you help the souls of the departed by your intercessions, all-blessed one, for you said to the faithful that you would pray for them after their departure on the grounds that they would have greater need than did the living, O Paisius.
When the Creator became incarnate of your pure blood, he
 ancient Belial and graciously gave to mortals the remission of their sins, all-immaculate Virgin, and the liberation of their souls.

Kathisma.  Tone 4.  Quickly anticipate.
Your holy soul has become a workshop of prayer, Paisius, by continuous prayer and divine supplications, for you lived long in your cell, Father, and you were a shining pillar, interceding with Christ, the almighty creator of all things.
Theotokion.  Same melody.
O Virgin who has not known man, you have become by your birth-giving the hope of Christians, the glory and boast of the Orthodox faithful, the ornament of the angels; wherefore, O Lady, you have the greatest boldness before the throne of your Son, ever pleading on behalf of those who honor you.

Having received strength from Heaven, you bravely endured the weaknesses of the flesh, O godly-minded Paisius, and you uttered songs of doxology to Christ; wherefore you have also received the gift of healing souls and bodies.
Carefully you followed the teaching of the Fathers, and you confessed Christ bravely in Thessalonica, all-blessed one; sharing with other monks as an angel in a godly-minded way, you gave to men an example of faith.
Immaterial light often surrounded your face, Father Paisius, and you were raised over the Earth, holding your hands, which had been lifted up to the Lord; wherefore also those who saw your form in the brightness were wholly astounded, all-praiseworthy.
In your belly the almighty God dwelt, Mother of God. Reviving the mass of mortals from corruption, he annulled the curse, made death of no effect and utterly humbled the pride of the gloomy adversary, Belial.
You foresaw with certainty the life and deeds of those who came to you, Father Paisius, and you gave to each everything appropriate for their salvation, showing to all your concern and mercy.
As one who was gentle and poor, a very attentive practitioner of prayer, the friend of peace, an unshaken lover of love and the friend of God, you distinguished yourself as a defender of men, divinely wise Paisius.
You admonished those rashly speaking men deceived by the heresies of terrible Belial, with Orthodox instructions and teachings and with signs and wonders, O Saint.
Eve, our first mother, anciently took upon herself the curse of our race, but you, O Mother of God, bore joy and peace by your birthgiving for all. Therefore, we your servants hold you as the champion of men, O Queen.

Chastely you lived on Earth, O Saint, chastely also among the faithful, whom you tended with your words; therefore you have become, O Father, an exemplar of piety and of purity of life.
Gushing forth streams of temperance like a well-spring, you gave drink to the crowd of young people, Paisius, and guided them from dissipation to the channel of grace.
Prudently, discreetly and safely, you maintained the dogmas of Orthodoxy in your life, Paisius of the Holy Mountain, our inspired teacher.
After death you were elevated to the dwellings of your Lord, and you had as a recompense for your labors the graces of the healing diseases and consoling those who suffer, most holy saint.

With our whole heart let us praise in hymns the world-famous ascetic of the Holy Mountain, a newly appearing luminary who guided the faithful to the noblest life and filled them with rivers of gifts, for which they cry, Hail, Father Paisius.
You appeared, Paisius, as another angel, at the end of the ages, in Athos, for you lived in a holy fashion on Earth; the equal of the ancient ascetics, you appeared to those with you, who shout to you fervently such things as these:
Hail, divine child of the Farasiotes!
Hail, great bliss of Athos!
Hail, inspired boast of Konitsi!
Hail, ornament of the common life of Souroti!
Hail, fountain copious beyond nature with gifts!
Hail, irrepressible stream of life-saving healings!
Hail, for you make the Monastery of Esphigmenos famous!
Hail, for you dwelt in Mt. Sinai!
Hail, leader of humble mortals!
Hail, holder of many gifts!
Hail, deliverer of those who grieve deeply!
Hail, expounder of monks!
Rejoice, Father Paisius!

You trained very nobly the gathering of young men by your precepts to choose marriage or to prefer the course of the monks; therefore they also cried with you, chanting, Blessed is the God of our fathers.
You patiently bore, O saint, the diseases of your body, for you held these pains as a delight, Father Paisius; therefore you also received abundant grace to wondrously heal various passions.
You, O saint, were seen to be a man who by your divine conception was superior to the passions of the soul and loftier than the painful diseases of your body, Father Paisius, for you loved Christ God.
Your women’s convent rejoices, having your tomb in Souroti as a treasure of gifts of the Spirit and cries out ever to the King of all:  Blessed is the God of our fathers.
The ranks of the earthborn are set free by the streams of your miracles, all-blameless Virgin, from the deception of Belial, the attack of the passions and afflictions, the various calamities of life and the diseases of the body, O pure one.

Gladly, saintly father, the gatherings of the faithful ran to you on Mount Athos, most holy one, to receive your love and power, for you had many gifts from God, and in these times you were distinguished as a support of men who begged from you a support in life.
Understanding the noblest things during your life, O saint, in Mt. Athos and in other places, they hymn the clement Lord Jesus, because of your emergence as a star in the final age and you dispersed with your words and deeds the darkness of men who had met with disaster, all-blessed one.
You appeared to monks on the Holy Mountain and Sinai, all blessed one, as an exemplar of the ascetic by your all-night vigils and your numerous fasts, for you raise your hands with all your heart to Christ on behalf of men, Godly-minded Paisius, and you are equal in honor to the Fathers.
All-pure Virgin, we who are sick with many diseases, with the cares of life and with passions of soul, with humble hymns, we all earnestly entreat you, the undefiled and incorrupt queen, not to cease your supplications, for you help us who hymn you to climb up from the cistern of our sins.

Delivered from the slime of sins, you cleansed the eye of your soul and through it you saw men’s difficult diseases of soul and body, Paisius, as they truly were and you guided all who came to you, O blessed one, to a better state.
Like the Fathers of old, you scrupulously trod the path of Christ in a manner pleasing to God, wondrous Paisius, and you have become a father equal to Tychon and his fellow ascetics in Athos, and even in this last age, you have left a model of purity for men.
By your sacred mediations guard us who honor you joyfully and hymn your memory reverently, O saint, from the harm of the avenging spirit and from the evil attacks of life and from the squalls of sins, for you have boldness in Heaven, O saint blessed by God.
Virgin Mother of God, drive away the mad attacks of the evil one with your strength, for you wondrously bore Christ who destroyed the pride of the ancient dragon and you crushed his head with your heel as our most splendid champion.

Friday, May 10, 2019


Irmos:  Traversing the deep.
O George, newly-shining star of the church of Christ and builder of the monastery of Assumption in Drama:  from Heaven watch over those who reverently honor you.
Wondrous George, bless those who hymn you as a luminary among the newly revealed saints, shining on the world with rays of asceticism and watchfulness. 
Through your prayers adorn our hearts with a multitude of
virtues, for we strive after them amid the calamities and soul-killing misfortunes of life, O George.
Quickly wipe away the drops of my many tears with the handkerchief of your prayers to the Lord, the only-begotten Son and Word of God, O Mother and Virgin.

Irmos:  Of the apse of Heaven.
Having cultivated opulently the ear of the corn of virtue, with intensity of struggles, father, with your hardy training and your ever-flowing prayer you found grace, O George, so that you could send the fruit of your grace to those who seek your protection.
The reliquary of your honorable relics, saint, is a torrent of healings, which now the earth has revealed to us, temperate God-bearer, ascetic George, blossom of Pontus.
You lived your life peaceably with your abundant grace,
thrice-blessed one, having confessed Christ the prince of peace, and having endured for his sake imprisonment and torture, Father George.

Higher than the heavens is the mind of your servants, Full of Grace and Mother of the Lord.  Deify those who splendidly hymn the virtues of George, the leader and champion of Drama.

Prayers read after Canon III
Sanctify the choirs of the faithful who duly honor you as an easily cultivated field of watchfulness, endless prayer and detachment.
Look with kindness, all-hymned Mother of God, upon the difficult affliction of my body and heal the pain of my soul.

Tone 2.  With fervent intercession.
Storehouse of the august fathers of the faith, unerring pilot of souls and new tower of understanding:  fervently entreat the clement Christ on behalf of us, O George.

Irmos:  I have hearkened, Lord.
Treasury of temperance and bright palace of holiness, deem us who call upon you worthy to exercise temperance, O George.
Show us all to be strong to wage war against the destroyer, for you destroyed his crafty tricks by your ascetic feats, George.
Never cease to entreat the compassionate Lord, George, on behalf of us all who hymn you as the boast of the new saints.
From the height of your glory guard closely those who hymn you and protect and guard your suppliants, Mother of God.

Irmos:  Illumine us.
With radiant hymns we honor your relics and we revere your tomb, which gushes with grace in the Monastery of the Ascension, George.
Disperse the mist of pain and the dense darkness of afflictions by the rays of your prayers, revered George, for you are the beacon of the new ascetics.
Saint of Christ, O George full of wonders, restrain the attacks of our sordid passions, for we ardently chant to you.
Lead us to the pastures of Heaven, for we run to your visitation and intercession, bright Mother of God.

Irmos:  Intercession.
Hearken to your fervent suppliants, George, and grant your grace to each of those who greet the all-august casket containing your relics in the Monastery of the Ascension, which you raised from its foundations.
You were a generous spring of healings in life and after death, heavenly-wise one.  You were the physician of souls and bodies of the sick of Drama, O George, as you are of those who hasten piously from everywhere to your divine grace.
The reliquary of your bones has been revealed to be a wholly fragrant receptacle of wonders and a spring of sanctification for those who approach it with longing and compunction of soul, O beauty of saints and universally admired boast of the Pontians.
Remember those who bless you, Mother of God, unto the ages, and who celebrate the memorial of Saint George, the physician of Drama and the speedy defender and helper of the Monastery of the Ascension.

Prayers following Ode VI
Sanctify the choirs of the faithful who honor you duly as an easily cultivated field of watchfulness of unceasing prayer and detachment, O George.

Kontakion in Tone 2.  By those of your blood.
Divine blossom of Argyroupolis and august inhabitant of Georgia, who practiced asceticism in Drama like an incorporeal angel and consecrated the Monastery of the Ascension:  be our guardian, O George.
Holy and greatly honored ascetic of the all-powerful Paraclete, George, who in years, words and deeds shone forth in the last times like an ever-shining star and by the flashings of your ascetic struggles have illumined the souls of your suppliants:  chase far away the darkness of our passions, luminous builder of the Monastery of the Ascension, for you heal everyone who honors you.

Irmos:  The youths from Judea.
Merciful ascetic, model of sacrifice for those in need, O George, horn of love and sympathy, deem your suppliants worthy to understand the needs of the poor and needy.
Treasury of temperance and abyss of understanding, august George, you endured many tortures in Georgia for the love of your creator, with whom also intercede fervently on behalf of your suppliants.
You were the steady guide of the erring and the director of the faithful to theosis and you led people to salvation, for whom earnestly and zealously entreat the Lord now, all-blessed George.

Show your suppliants to be disdainful of material things, Mother of God, and zealots for those things which do not change, just as the divine George strove, the wise ascetic of Taxiarches of Drama. 

Irmos:  The King.
With streams of sweat and ever-flowing tears you washed the robe of your soul; wash also my sordid heart, George. 
Quickly drive away painful diseases of your suppliants, swift doctor of the ailing, for they take refuge in you, O George, amid their diseases.
O shrine of graces of the Comforter, who knows the depths of hearts:  cleanse me of the filthy dunghill of my passions, George, I cry out to you.
Show me your heavenly visitation, Mother of God, for I hymn you as the guide of all the faithful to Heaven.

Irmos:  Fittingly the Mother of God.
A perfumed vase of wonders is the grace-filled receptacle of your relics, George, which we reverently venerate, blessing you.
With unceasing prayers watch over your suppliants, whom from Heaven you ever protect, wonder-working lantern of saints, George.
Sanctified temple of virtue, of fasting, hardship, prayer and kindness:  entreat Christ on our behalf, O George.
Fill our hearts with joy, O Mother of God, for we now honor the contests of George and whole-heartedly bless you, O Virgin.

Canon to St. Gerasimos the New of Cephalonia

ODE I.  Plagal 4th.
Having crossed the sea.
Saint of God, pray for us.
Thrice blessed Gerasimos, do not cease offering intercession zealously to the Savior; rescue from all kinds of dangers those who honor you with undoubting faith.
Saint of God, pray for us.
Your divine reliquary, Father, gushes forth healings of body and soul for the faithful who approach your temple, whom you heal as the best physician of all.
Heal my ailing soul, blessed Gerasimos, O physician of the sick, and strengthen it to walk the paths of the Lord by your mediation, all-blessed saint. 
Together with Gerasimos, O Virgin, entreat your Son, that my dead soul be brought back to life, for He of old revived the son of the widow by his divine command.

Of the vault of Heaven.
Saint of God, pray for us.
Having you as our patron before God, O glorious one, we Cephalonians honor and pray, Father Gerasimos:  deliver from temptations those who faithfully bless you.
Saint of God, pray for us.
We beseech you, Father:  quickly heal the passions and wounds of the souls of those who bless and honor you with longing, O boast of monastics, blessed Gerasimos.
Father, we all appoint you as our kindly patron before God, O saint, earnestly entreating you, divine Gerasimos, that we all be saved by your mediation from all kinds of trials and temptations.
All holy Virgin, who has given birth to the Savior, save from all kinds of dangers those who run to you and praise you, Mary, the Mother of God, sole all-hymned salvation of the faithful.
O Gerasimos, from all dangers save your island and flock, of which at God’s behest you have become the protection, the sleepless guard and deliverer.
All-hymned Mother of God, look graciously upon the difficult distress of my body and heal the suffering of my soul.

Tone 2.  Seeking those things above.
You are the fervent defence, O Gerasimos, of those who approach your temple with longing and faithfully honor you and cry out, all-august one: Deliver us from all dangers, as you are our great guard and champion.

I cried out, O Lord.
Saint of God, pray for us.
O God-bearing Gerasimos, deliver from dangers those who honor you and run to your protection, so that we may bless you unceasingly.
Saint of God, pray for us.
We beseech you, O saint, to bring our dead soul back to life, and by your prayers raise it up from the abyss of despair, where it fell dying.
Earnestly entreat him for whom you longed, O saint, and through whom you reduced your flesh, to grant to us who hymn you the forgiveness of our trespasses.
By the prayers of your Mother, and of your saint, O Lord, grant us, your slaves, the forgiveness of our trespasses, O transcendently good God.

Why have you driven me away.
Saint of God, pray for us.
O God, by the all-acceptable prayers of the divine Gerasimos, deliver your slaves from the outer darkness and Gehenna, and make us worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven, for you alone are long-suffering.
Saint of God, pray for us. 
Standing before the Trinity, Father all-blessed, divine Gerasimos, earnestly entreat God that your slaves who run to your protection with faith, O blessed one, be delivered from all the trials and temptations of life.
Performing the liturgy, you offered to God, O wholly blessed saint, bloodless sacrifices, being a priest of the Most High, O all-honorable Gerasimos; but, Father, in your entreaties do not cease to pray for all who honor you with faith.
O Virgin Mother of God, all-spotless boast and support of the faithful, the God-bearer and queen of all creation, deliver those who hymn your Son from every attack of the terrible enemy.

O Savior, be gracious to me.
Saint of God, pray for us.
Your all-blessed soul dwells in Heaven, while your body, remaining on Earth, produces marvellous miracles, healing diseases of soul and body.
Saint of God, pray for us.
By your acceptable prayers, O blessed Gerasimos, protect those who with the pure longing of the soul and purity honor you, O glorious one, and who call upon your unconquerable defence.
We appoint you as our kindly mediator with God, Father Gerasimos; for you are our support and boast, O saint, and the glory of us faithful Christians, O wholly august father.
All-blameless Virgin, the burning bush prefigured you to Moses; for from you the Savior was well-pleased to be born.  Preserve, immaculate one, those who call upon your insuperable help.

O Gerasimos, from all dangers save your island and flock, of which at God’s behest you have become the protection, the sleepless guard and deliverer.
Immaculate one, who through a word gave birth beyond comprehension to the Word in the last days, entreat him earnestly since you have maternal boldness.

Tone 2.  Protection of Christians.
Longing to regain our strength from disease, let us run to the venerable temple of Gerasimos and draw near reverently to his divine reliquary.  With longing let us cry to him, as one who has received the grace from God to heal the sick:  Hasten to deliver from all kinds of trials and temptations and from bitterest enemies those who in faith hymn you.

The youths from Judea.
Saint of God, pray for us.
Being truly the equal of the angels, Father thrice blessed, Godly-minded Gerasimos, redeem from dangers those who in faith cry out, O God of our fathers, blessed are you.
Saint of God, pray for us.
You presented yourself to the Lord, Father, as an acceptable sacrifice, Godly-minded Gerasimos, and now do not cease to watch over those who sing, O God of our fathers, blessed are you.
Father Gerasimos, you endured unspeakable agonies on Earth, and now that you are with the heavenly choirs, protect those who sing, O God of our fathers, blessed are you.
All-hymned Virgin, who bore God incarnate for the world, deliver from all kinds of pain those who cry out to your Son in faith, O God of our fathers, blessed are you.

Saint of God, pray for us.
By your intercession, you heal the sicknesses of souls of those who honor you, thrice blessed one, wherefore we honor you, Gerasimos the Godly-minded.
Saint of God, pray for us.
Having appointed you as our ambassador to the Master, O blessed one, we are delivered from dangers by your wholly acceptable prayers to God.
Purge away the passions of my soul by your mediation, O God-bearing thrice-blessed one, so that I may glorify you unto all ages.
Refresh my soul with your mediation—for it has melted away because of its sins—O Maiden, so that I may glorify you unto all ages. 

Fitly the Mother of God.
Saint of God, pray for us.
Holy, thrice blessed saint, pray that peace from Heaven be sent down, wholly blessed one, upon those who bless you with pure understanding.
Saint of God, pray for us.
O Godly-minded one, fill with joy and gladness those who approach your divine temple and who forever magnify the Master.
Illumine the eyes of my blinded soul, O blessed one, and strengthen those who bless you to run in accordance with the divine paths.
We all honor you, true Mother of God, and we cry out to you Rejoice ceaselessly, for you bore great joy for the world.

SOURCE Agios Gerasimos O Neos, Askhths, ths Kefalonia:  Bios kai Paraklhtikos Kanwn (Ekdotikh Paragwgh


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